Strategy and Objectives

PALFINGER strives to generate further growth on the basis of the four strategic pillars – innovation, internationalization, flexibility, and PALFINGER 21st. The company aims to build on and secure its status as the leading global supplier of lifting solutions in the years to come. Implementation of the GPO has considerably improved the framework conditions for this.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic plan extends to 2024, and in this way makes it possible for the company to achieve long-term, stable alignment in all markets.

  • Global number one for Lifting Solutions
  • Financial targets:
    • Organic growth to around 2.0 billion euros by 2022
    • 10 % average EBIT margin over the economic cycle
    • 10% average ROCE over the economic cycle
  • Non-financial targets:
    • Loss of planned working time due to accidents at work <0.11 %.
    • Fluctuation of all employees (planned and unplanned) <10
    • Percentage of women in top management at the same level as the percentage of women in the PALFINGER Group until 2022
    • 20 % non-Austrians at headquarters
    • Minus 25 % in absolute emissions by 2030
    • Minus 30 percentage points improvement in energy efficiency (measured by the index) by 2030
    • Minus 30 percentage points improvement in hazardous waste (measured by the index) by 2030
    • 75% of the electricity purchased from renewable energy sources by 2022
  • Creating added value every day


The GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION (GPO) was prepared in 2018 and implemented throughout the company on January 1, 2019. The goal of the GPO is an intensified exchange of knowledge and shared use of resources and services. The GPO pools skills, ideas, and innovations, it improves internal communication across all units and prevents redundancies. The GPO leverages PALFINGER’s global potential.


PALFINGER is at home all over the world. We use our Centers of Excellence to share our knowledge and to work together to improve our strengths.

Martin Zehnder, COO