How it all begins.

It all begins with a vision. With an idea that is bigger than the moment. A vision that will shape a company for future decades. Now the time has come for this idea to become a reality. For the vision to develop into the new GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION.

Ready for new vigour.

The implementation of our vision is making PALFINGER even faster and more dynamic, even more sustainable and more efficient. In future, our production sites around the globe will work together even more intensively. This will create synergies that have a positive impact at many levels. Through the transfer of know-how we will ensure that our high standard of quality is guaranteed at all our sites. In all our measures, our focus is on human beings and the environment.

Ready for the future.

Thanks to PALFINGER 21st, very little can take us by surprise. PALFINGER 21st stands for a new way of dealing with the possibilities and challenges of digitalization and networking. Instead of waiting for changes and then reacting to them, our internal incubator actively shapes these changes. We search for new technologies worldwide, filter them, promote the best of them and develop new products and services out of them. Not for someday, but for the here and now.

Ready for cooperation.

Boundaries are becoming connections. For only together can we achieve more. Networking with our suppliers, customers and partners will be even closer in future. Through better communication, synergies will be created and strengthened. Seamless cooperation in the supply chain, both upstream and downstream, forms the basis for fulfilling the commitment we have made to ourselves: to provide the best products and services in the field of lifting solutions worldwide.

Ready for the next step.

A new organization opens up many possibilities. The GLOBAL PALFINGER ORGANIZATION is being implemented at all levels of the Company. This means that organizational structures will be adjusted and optimized in order to promote sustainable growth. This will be done by enhancing existing systems and synergies as well as by creating entirely new possibilities. Always with a focus on strengthening cooperation and thus achieving the optimum in everything we do.

Ready for a colourful mix.

All for one: Our goal is to create a corporate culture that offers opportunities for development. We place our employees at centre stage. For it is their experience, their passion and their innovative spirit that has made us the world market leader. We want to learn from one another, treat one another with respect and promote entrepreneurship within the Company. According to the motto ONE PALFINGER – ONE COMPANY, we utilize the potential that the internationality and diversity of our Company offers. We want to create value every day.

Ready for responsibility.

True sustainability has to be lived, not just promised. We have high standards when it comes to sustainability: be it as a responsible employer, in eco-efficient production, in the development of sustainable products or in sustainable business practices. We are still not satisfied with what we have achieved and are working actively to keep improving. Not to suit the spirit of the times, but because it has always been our conviction.