Research and Development

PALFINGER is seen worldwide as the innovation and technology leader in its industry. This did not happen by chance. The company has always focused on the continuous development of its products.

In 2022, PALFINGER invested EUR 84.8 million on research and development (Cash-Out) (2021: EUR 74.7 million), which corresponds to 3.8 percent of total revenue (2021: 4.0 percent)

The results of the two strategic pillars are exemplified by the Smart Loading Assist (Go Digital) and the electric elevating work platforms (Go for Solutions). The Smart Loading Assist adds a 3D camera system, sensors and a high-performance computing unit to the roll-off tipper. Aerial work platforms enable safe and fast operations in narrow, densely built-up alleys as well as on uneven terrain. Furthermore, a new product line, the "Digital Product Line" was created and its development within the organization was started. PALFINGER is shaping the digitalization of its products to further increase the efficiency and performance of its lever solutions. The Strategy 2030 also led to a reorganization of PALFINGER's research and development structure. In addition to the expansion of the Köstendorf site into a global technology center, "The HUB Vienna" was opened at the Vienna Austria Campus as a future-oriented location. PALFINGER maintains partnerships and cooperations with universities, research institutions and partners from industry to develop new technologies, innovations and integrated solutions.

Together with the global innovation and technology center Köstendorf, the corporate incubator P21st plays a central role in this process. In close cooperation with the internal research and development teams, P21st drives forward topics such as scouting, funding, competence building in the environment of new technologies, and the development of new business models.