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The future is:
whatever is imaginable.

The future is:
reinventing yourself
over and over again.


What can a market leader still achieve? Everything. Our Company stands for constant transformation. Our openness to new ideas has enabled us to grow continuously over the past few decades ...


The future is:
thinking in new ways.


PALFINGER 21st is more than just a buzzword. It ushers in the era of a new entrepreneurial spirit: a new way of thinking that puts the focus on digitalization from the very beginning ...


The future is:
thinking in terms of solutions.


Only those who know their customers’ needs can survive in the market. In a world of accelerating change, it is important to know at all times what is in demand on the market ...


The future is:
never standing still.


Tomorrow’s success lies outside the box. Nothing is more dated than yesterday’s success. That is why it is especially important for a company to maintain a keen interest in everything and stay on the move ...


The future is:
keeping the people
in mind.


Our values are the compass showing us the way. No matter what changes may come, some things are immutable – such as the values on which our corporate culture is based: entrepreneurship, respect and learning ...